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Little Big Horn

Little Big Horn – Documentary Concert (Premiere December 2020)

Music is a superstructure to anticipate historical developments.
(Jacques Attali in ‘The Political Economy of Music’)

Arno Bornkamp

Together with his former colleague of the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Arno Bornkamp, André developed the artistic concept of Little Big Horn. He also takes care of the dramaturgy. With the performance, both give a topical, critical reflection on the changing role of the contemporary performing musician. Little Big Horn investigates the meaning that the live playing musician still has in this digitized and mediatized society. The métier of the outstanding, highly qualified musician seems almost gratuitous to the audience. We don’t see the pro-active sportsman on his bicycle, with muddy legs, arms and face, plodding up against the road. Where is the drama then?

“In today’s music world, there seems to be a “velvet revolution.” Today’s performing musician is forced, perhaps for economic reasons, to take on other roles than those of the traditional performing musician and the pedagogue. Music is no longer necessarily the subject of research and performance for the musician. On the contrary, music is seen much more as a means, for example, to tell something or to draw attention to something extra-musical. For example, a chamber choir organizes a concert on climate change and deforestation; a composer focuses on the issue of immigration or questions the reliability of a contemporary politician. Topical themes that theatre-makers have traditionally embraced now also seem to be a hot topic for musicians.”
André Arends
André Arends


In progress (2021 – 2024)

MICHfoundation is a partner of a European consortium of arts organizations in the field of performance studies. SPARKLE is “focused on building capacity and resilience of the partner organizations. We do this by uniting as a group, reinforcing ourselves with the exchange of expertise and strengthening our artists and collaborators so that they can grow and evolve, while at the same time professionalizing our companies.”

Move Me

Theatre dance performance (Juni 2021)

Once I knew only darkness and stillness…
My life was without past or future…
But a little word from the fingers of another…
Fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness,
And my heart leaped to the rapture of living
Helen Keller (1880 – 1968)


MoveMe is a theatre dance performance in which young people with and without a single or multiple disabilities together make a full-length theatre dance performance. They are “helped” by (semi)-professionals of dancers, actors and an artistic team.  The music is performed live by The Northern Consort supplemented by electronically designed soundscapes. A documentary report will be made of the creative process and the final outcome.